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After two years touring around the world and spending a lot of time on the road in Asia,  Koncept is now positioned right where he needs to be with his new album, "Champagne Konny."  With such a long time spent overseas,  reflecting on everything that got him there, the results of victories and failures and everything in between, Koncept discovered a new perspective on his career and life in general, and this new project is his recharge into it all.

The lead single is Watch The Sky Fall 2 featuring Royce da 5’9, which part one was originally the lead single on Koncept’s debut album Awaken. The inspiration for the re-work came from tapping into where it all started for him, but with a zest for new life, adding in a new verse, and a new sound sonically.


The album also features the Korean Remix featuring the incredible Korean rapper, and Hi-Lite Recordsown, Paloalto, as well as a Thai Version with Thailand rapper and superstar, Twopee Southside.  


Koncept brings his smooth effortless sounding East coast flavor that has passion, pain and love, and a moving energy that makes you inspired to go achieve all your own goals while you listen to this album.

Koncept said:
“When life seems to be falling apart and you’re feeling broken, you need to catch it, rebuild it, and make it stronger than you ever once believed it could be.”

This whole album was created on moods. There were no beats made, no rhymes written before going into the studio each day.

Every song was created in the moment from beginning to end. 

Koncept created this album with his team in South Central at Lowe Key Studios with producer Wrist, and engineer, Mark "Keitel Jr." Lowe, as well as George Reichart, Bradley "Hugh" Denniston, and Karma from South Korea.  


I hope you love this album. 
Play it from start to finish. This is an experience. A moment in time. An energy and mood that can't be duplicated or replaced.


I would like to thank YOU, everyone that supports my music, spends the time to write to me, everyone who shares the music, comes out to the shows, buys merch, and to those that just listen, I couldn't be here without you.  Your love means everything to me.
My mom - the strongest person I have ever known, thank you for believing in me even when you think I sound crazy. I love you. Russell - my step father, but always been my dad, you taught me and gave me my work ethic, my strength to build from the ground up, and more importantly, the courage to rebuild and start over when you need to, on top of so much more. My brother Ryan - you'll never beat me in a game of basketball. Sorry bro lol, Champagne Nanny is my favorite person in the world, and I think everyone else's now too lol, This album is dedicated to you. Cousin David - we still smoking blunts, Tricia, Camryn, Riley, Taylor, Jay, I'm coming over for dinner soon!! Aunt Debbie Uncle Frankie, Mike, Shannon, Angela, I love you!!  My pops, RIP. You still inspire me every day even though you're not here.  I can't believe I've lived longer already than you did.  You're with me though.  You were the real rockstar, especially with that long blonde hair.
Everyone who worked on this album with me, Wrist, Keitel, George, my brothers for life. You guys were with me with all of this and we brought this vision to life together.  You're all amazing and incredibly talented!!!!  TK, Jeo, my brothers!!! You both killed it on this and everything you touch!!  Can't wait to watch all the amazing things you both do!  Jazmine, your vocals sound gorgeous on Tomorrow. I don't remember us even working on the record that night, but I'm super happy that George reminded me how dope that song is. lol. Bradley, I just remembered now while writing this that I met you while I was living at that Red Bull mansion in the Hollywood Hills haha. Well, I'm glad we did my man!!!! You're an inspiration bro, we got so many more to make!!!  Karma, we recorded "Feeling Good" on my birthday, October 10. My first birthday back in the states after touring for 2 years. We were pretty faded, but man, something hit me that night and this is one of my favorite records I've ever made. I'll never forget that energy.  Drex, my Ari Gold over here, here we go my brother! We just getting started!!!  As you always say, team work makes the dream work! I appreciate you, and I'm sorry for yelling out loud a lot. hahaha  Alec, imagine all the stories! Sheeesh! My brother!!!!  Andy Kettle my bruv!!! Thank you for killing it!!! IOBStudios, Matt, Won,  we got more beauty to make famo!  And swimming in your pool while editing it! haha  Shouts to my broski ThaDonkaka for the fly fits and best hair in the game. Elle, thank you for capturing the beauty in everything. Your photos, and you as a person are so strong and beautiful!  Mike Murphey, Mister Michael! My brother! Thank you for handling my store and everything around it and more, you're a beast brother!  And thank you for dealing with me and being a perfectionist.  I'm so happy to have you on the team. James, my fam forever.  We started making music in my bedroom driving my parents crazy.  I envisioned this shit from then. Wouldn't have it any other way!  NEW phone!  Joezinho, brother from another!  We got so many more stages to rock my brother!!! From Asia to LA, and everywhere else in this big but small world!!
Yooo, Paloalto, my man! I remember the first time I heard you and I was instantly gravitated to your voice. I didn't know what you were saying (in Korean lol), but your voice, your cadence, your effortless smooth flow, you're my favorite rapper in Korea bro. Thank you for jumping on this track!!  Can't wait to rock this live with you!!!  Twopee, my brother!!! Bro, first time I came to Bangkok you pulled up to my show and treated me like family instantly! And that night ended up being crazy at the afterparty!!!!!! hahaha We had to dip out after that fight broke out and you told me jump in the whip with you and we got out of there!  Inviting me all over the city with you, to the studio, dinner.  Family!!!! And bro, I'm so proud to watch you grow and kill it!! You're a superstar my man! 

Shouts to all the beautiful people putting stickers of my face on themselves!!!!!!
Everyone I've met around the world, I can and will never forget any of you. The places I've spent extended amounts of time in and every single person that I love in each - Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Warwick, Portland, LA, Korea, Thailand, Japan, UK, you especially have huge places in my heart. 
Everyone that has helped me in any way, supported me and my love and dreams, I couldn't be here without you.
If I didn't mention your name here, that doesn't mean that I don't love and care and appreciate you.  If our friendship is real, you know that, and you don't need your name here anyway.  I love you ALL.

Let's grow together. Let's celebrate everything together. Far and close.

Ps. This album was originally titled "Are We There Yet?" Are we?


Thank you,

Champagne Konny

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